Starting a ASMR YouTube Channel

ASMR appeals to many, it provides a therapeutic way for people to relax while also getting some entertainment out of it. This is why starting an ASMR YouTube channel is a great niche to provide for viewers. This article breaks down some important steps, considerations, and equipment that may be needed to help you start your ASMR channel.


  1. Determine what type of ASMR content you will provide.
  2. Decide on a channel Name.
  3. Record Videos.
  4. Share with the World.

Determine the ASMR niche you will provide.

It is great that you want to provide ASMR content for your viewers. The real question is what type of content will you provide? There are plenty of niches to choose from. They can vary from mukbang to real person massage.

To help you decide, take a look at some of the popular categories on ASMR Hunt. Some of these include hand movement, roleplay, ears, body massage, tapping, REIKI, personal attention, Mouth sounds, and even just Random triggers.

Once you determine what niche of ASMR or what type of content you want to provide on your channel it may be time to decide on a channel name.

Channel Name

One way to create a channel name is by knowing what type of ASMR content you want to create. If your channel is mainly focus on hand movements you may consider incorporating that into your channel name, for example Handy ASMR or something to that effect. Other ASMR artists embrace an avatar, or penship name. For example DizzyKitten or Ruby True.

Once you have established your identity as an ASMR Artist, it is time to start creating content.

Record Videos.

In order to record videos you are going to need some equipment. Perhaps a laptop or computer to edit the videos, a phone or video camera to record with, and some sort of microphone to record with. As video can be really important, what really sets an ASMR video apart from the others is the ability to create great sound, and help “trigger the tingles”. A great way to do this is to get a good microphone for recording. Here are some suggestions.

If you are looking for a way to really up the quality of your ASMR videos maybe consider using the 3Dio FS (FS-2W-001) . Why the FS? Not only does it fare well as a visual pro, it has great recording quality. It is a binaural microphone, which really helps induce tingles with it’s dynamic audio range. It is made of strong material, comes with a stand, and can easily be plugged into any 3.5 mm microphone jack. Which makes recording easy.

Another great option is the Blue Yeti USB Microphone . The Yeti is a great choice because it offers great recording quality, with great configurability. Another perk is if your computer doesn’t have a 3.5 mm microphone jack, the Blue Yeti can integrate into your setup using USB. Depending on which version you get you have 3 to 4 condenser mics. Making the Yeti a great mid range option for recording ASMR content.

Now if you are looking for a budget friendly but want to step up the game a bit by using something other than what’s built into your recording device, may we suggest  the PROAR recording kit . The ProAR kit  features a USB-C connection, a sturdy boom, pop filter, as well as frequency and sensitivity Cardioid mic controls. This is a fairly low price kit which will help take you content to the next level, while you are in the starting stages of your content.

Share Your ASMR Content with the World.

Now that you have established what type of ASMR content you want to record, what your channel name is, and have recorded some of your content. It’s time to publish it to YouTube. Share that content, and enjoy the fact that you are helping others relax. A good tip is to also share this content on some other social media platforms to get the buzz going about your content.